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    دیودست ، ابوالساج دیو داد بن دیو دست

    This text needs some cross-check and verifications:Mohammad Bin Divdad, also known as Abolsaj (Abi al Saj) Divdast along with his followers founded the Divdastian Movement against the Caliph rule and forced the Abbasid Rulers to concede Armenia and Azarbaijan.Abolsaj was a tribal leader from descendants of General Afshin (Kheida Bin Kavus). An account states that Abolsaj fought alongside Afshin against Babak Khorramdin in 836-837 AD and enslaved Babak's mother and his family. Then he revolted against the Caliph and Afshin and achieved some military successes. However, he remained royal to the Caliph after Afshin was prosecuted.He was among the commanders deployed to Damavand to suppress the revolt of Maziar against Al Motasem in 839 AD.During the reign of Al Mostain, he helped suppress a conspiracy by Turkish commanders in 865 AD.Then he became governor of Kufa by the order of Caliph Al Mutazz and silenced an uprising by Tabarestan Alavids in 866. A while later, his realm expanded. He showed tendencies towards the movement of Yaghub Leis, founder of the Saffarian Movement and thus fell at odds with the Caliph in 875. His fight against the Abbasid rule continued by his followers calling themselves Divdastian after his death in December, 879 in Ahvaz.

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